SFH Piano
All the Little Faces
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My primary connection with Sing for Hope is as a volunteer artist, singing at bedsides in hospitals. As a singer, I am most interested in expressing the deep emotions of the human experience, so it's not surprising that as a visual artist, I am drawn to portraiture, where in a few lines, I can captures these same emotions. In fact, the only visual art I do are these little ink portraits. Featured on this piano are the people that make up the Sing For Hope community. Each person has made a contribution either as a volunteer artist, a community partner, a board member or an employee, and each one is precious and carries in its lines a story, a perspective, a life. For me, spending some quality time sketching someone's face is my way of honoring that person. I liked creating this collection of small portraits and scattering them like leaves on the piano, because it seems to be an apt representation of our lives here in New York City. From far away, you don't grasp the details. There's just the huge, swirling mess of the crowd, but come in closer, look a little deeper, take a little time and you will begin to notice each face. And might start to recognize and appreciate the people who are all around you. All those little faces.
June 5, 2017 - June 25, 2017
Rain permitting
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