SFH Piano
Eat Healthy, Be Healthy
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As a teacher, children surround me every day and I believe that the greatest lesson I could ever hope to instill in my students would be to love who they are. In a world so full of judgment, I wish to only focus on acceptance. When you love yourself, you can then love and accept another for who they are. When you love yourself, you can love and be grateful for all living beings. When you love yourself, it is easy to want to nourish your body with good foods. When you nourish yourself responsibly, respectfully and lovingly, the world is a beautiful place to be. I want my piano to be a tool of active thought rather than a passive or judgmental piece. I would like students to see that we are all members together on this planet and that the conditions of our own humanity and health are the conditions of the humanity and health of all creatures.
June 5, 2017 - June 25, 2017
Rain permitting
WIllis Avenue Community Garden
Bronx, NY
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