Nari Ward: Smart Tree
This event is now closed.
Inspired by a building adjacent to the High Line that had been transformed into an indoor parking lot, Nari Ward reconfigures a memory from his childhood for his High Line Commission, 'Smart Tree.' Returning to his father's home in Jamaica after fifteen years away, Ward remembers finding one of two abandoned cars in the front yard sprouting a lime tree. He reimagines this fantastical story for the High Line in the form of a Smart car refinished with strips of tire treads and propped up on cinder blocks. In place of a lime tree, Smart Tree will feature an apple tree growing out of its roof, adapted out of necessity for its North American context. With the car's cinderblock base representing stasis, and its coating of tire treads suggesting perpetual movement, Ward's 'Smart Tree' holds up a mirror to the flux surrounding the High Line itself and reminds viewers of the High Line's history as a major transportation artery in Manhattan.
April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017
Normal Venue Hours: 7 AM - Sunset
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